Bread and Butter Bakery


New Bread Schedule

With the return of the fall we have made a few changes to how our kitchen works and what products we are making.  Our focus is to make the highest quality products consistently.  With that, we are changing the frequency we make some of our breads, and dropping a few that just weren't working for us.  Check below to see our new schedule and be in the know: 


Sourdough, White, Maritime, Maritime Raisin, Multigrain, Rye, Italian, Whole Wheat (New Recipe which includes Red Fife!) 

Ciabatta Buns, Kaiser Buns, Focaccia, White Dinner Rolls, Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns 



Flax & Poppy Seed - Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
Sunflower - Tuesday, Friday Saturday
Walnut & Fruit Sourdough - Friday
Roasted Garlic & Cheese Sourdough - Saturday
Spent Grain Sourdough - Wednesday 
Rye Sourdough with Sunflower Seeds - Friday
ENglish Muffins - Wednesday, Saturday