The Menu


We offer our quiches by the slice and in 8 inch and 9 inch sizes

Savoury Dishes

Our savoury team is always dishing up something fresh and new to tempt your palette.

Using local fresh ingredients ensures something new is always in store.  Don't worry though, we always keep the classics fully stocked in the fridge. 

It is nearly impossible to list every dish we have, but here are some of the everyday and most popular ones.


SOUP (several varieties daily) 
$5.50 each

SALADS (several varieties daily)
SMALL  $3.25 each
LARGE  $5.95 each

$6.50 each

MAC & CHEESE (1-2 servings)
$10.95 each

SMALL  (1-2 servings) $13.50 each
LARGE  (4-5 servings) $39.95 each

(not available in summer months)
SMALL (1-2 servings) $10.95 each
LARGE (4-5 servings) $29.95 each

Order a tray of sandwiches for your next meeting or get together! 
(Several varieties daily.  Prices vary with type)

BEEF PIES (single serving)
$7.95 each

SLICE  $6.25 each
8"  $18.95 each
9"  $27.95 each


We’ve got a cheat sheet of heating instructions here to help make sure you get to enjoy our foods the way they’re intended to be!